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Teagle Titan 10 Muckspreader

Teagle Titan 10 Muckspreader for sale.

Brand new. Beater tip overlap, high rotor tip speed.

Please call for best price.


Teagle Titan 10 Muckspreader for sale
  • Beater Tip Overlap – The shredding tips on the Titan have a large overlap. This reduces the chance of a lump of muck passing through the beaters without being shredded.
  • Bed Tensioning
  • Drawbar Skid Stowage
  • High Rotor Tip Speed
  • Rear Splash Boards
  • Stepless Shallow Pitch Augers – ensures that material is well mixed and shredded before it is thrown from the machine
  • Swinging Flails
  • Shielded Driveline and Hydraulic Hoses
  • Minimum recommended horsepower: 105HP
  • Please call for best price.

For more information on this Teagle Titan 10 Muckspreader, please contact us.

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