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Buy Clearwinner Fuel Additive Technology Solutions from Agriplus Ltd.

Clearwinner’s products are principally formulated to reflect the growing disparity between today’s Diesel fuel quality and the sophistication of the modern Diesel engine and as such, are in part, designed to enhance fuel performance and counteract component wear.

Furthermore, as biofuel (FAME) is introduced to Diesel fuel in steadily higher percentages, more complex issues are likely to present themselves, particularly where Diesel fuel may be stored long term either in machinery or main fuel storage tanks.

The Clearwinner ranfge of Agricultural products consist of:

An Agri-Gas Oil fuel treatment designed for application to all agricultural, forestry, plant and construction machinery.  Treatment rate: 1 litre AM-AC MP to 1,500 litres Diesel fuel.
  • Disperses water (condensation) from fuel storage tanks
  • Protects injectors from potential damage caused by water droplets carried within the fuel
  • Maintains clean injectors, ensuring optimum fuel atomisation
  • Uprates fuel cetane index, bringing increased power output and improved cold starting
  • Eliminates smoking, reduces fuel consumption
  • Stabilises and protects fuel held in long term storage in seasonal machinery (combines): counteracts Diesel “bug” growth
  • Adds “lubricity”: reducing wear on fuel pumps and injectors
  • May be applied directly to machinery fuel tanks as well as main storage tanks
CLEARWINNER CFI (Cold Flow Improver):
CLEARWINNER CFI is formulated to maintain Diesel fuel cold flow properties in sub-zero temperatures.  Treatment rate: 1 litre CFI to 1,000 litres Diesel fuel.
  • Protects CFPP (Cold Filter Plug Point) of winter grade Diesel fuel to -24 degrees Centigrade
  • Allows machinery / vehicles to operate in severe winter conditions
  • CFI will protect fuel at temperatures down to -30 degrees Centigrade, by applying a stronger dose (1 : 500)
A Diesel fuel biocide, designed to eradicate manifestation of microbial growth (Diesel “bug”) in fuel and fuel storage tanks.  Treat rate: 1 litre D-BUG to 4,000 litres Diesel fuel.
  • Eliminates Diesel “Bug” manifestation within 24-48 hours of treatment
  • Removes yeasts and moulds from storage tank walls
  • May be applied to main storage tanks or directly into machinery / vehicle fuel tanks
  • May also be used as a preventative maintenance product.

CLEARWINNER D-BUG should be dosed prior to the next fuel refill, to ensure a complete mix.

For more information on the Clearwinner Fuel Additive Technology Solutions, please contact us or visit the Clearwinner innovation Ltd website.



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