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Weidemann Loaders

Since 1960, Weidemann has stood for quality, innovative products that have been carefully designed to provide the operator with maximum comfort, whilst maximising efficiency and productivity.

With an impressive line-up of loaders, wheel loaders, tele-wheel loaders and compact telehandlers to choose from, there is no shortage of models in Weidemann Loaders range to ensure you get the right machine for the job in hand.

Hoftrac Loaders:

The Hoftrac (or farm loader) offers a compact lower priced entry machine that is perfect for many jobs in and around the farm. With eight models in the range to choose from, these loaders have an operating weight from 1,630kgs through to 3,400kgs and consist of:

  • 1140 Basic Line – 1,630kg lift capacity
  • 1140  – 1,630kg lift capacity
  • 1160 – 1,910-2,250kg lift capacity
  • 1190e – 2,170-2,350kg lift capacity (electric model)
  • 1260LP – 2,100kg lift capacity
  • 1280 – 2,380-2,550kg lift capacity
  • 1390 – 2,750-3,200 lift capacity
  • 1880 – 3,400 lift capacity


Telescopic Wheel Loaders:

The Weidemann Telescopic Wheel Loader range makes every application even more productive. With a high level of functionality and working comfort, there are nine models in the range offering an operating weight from 4,400kgs through to 11,210kgs and consists of:

  • 2080LPT – 4,400kg lift capacity
  • 2080T – 4,500-4,600kg lift capacity
  • 3080LPT – 5,000kg lift capacity
  • 3080T – 5,400kg lift capacity
  • 4080LPT – 6,000kg lift capacity
  • 4080T Basic Line – 6,100kg lift capacity
  • 4080T – 5,930kg lift capacity
  • 5080T – 7,200kg lift capacity
  • 9580T – 11,210kg lift capacity



The compact Weidemann telehandlers are unique in the combination of lift height, width and machine capacity. With the all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering, you are absolutely stable and well-equipped for many different tasks. With five models in the range and an operating weight from 2,750kgs through to 7,650kgs choose from:

  • T4512 – 2,750-2,900kg lift capacity
  • T5522 – 4,200kg lift capacity
  • T6027 – 5,225kg lift capacity
  • T7035 – 7,250kg lift capacity
  • T7042 – 7,650kg lift capacity



All Weidemann Loaders and Telehandlers can come with a wide choice of accessories to ensure you have the right tool for every job.

Choose from Cargo Buckets, Digging Buckets, Multi-Purpose Buckets, Stone Buckets, High-Tip Buckets, Power Grab Buckets, Working Platforms, Pallet Forks, Logging Grabs, Box Rotator, Sweepers, Mulchers, Cutterbars, Mowing equipment, Bale Grabs, Bale Spikes, Bale Forks, Silage and Bale Cutters, Feed Buckets, Snow Ploughs and Gritters and much more.

There is also a wide choice of wheels and tyres to choose from with different profiles to ensure the tyres are perfect for the job required.


Weidemann Compact Telehandler

Weidemann Hoftrac Compact Loader

Weidemann Wheel Loader

Weidemann Hoftrac Compact Loader

Weidemann Compact Telehandler

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For more information on the Weidemann Loaders range, contact our sales team or visit the Weidemann website.




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