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McCormick Tractors from Agriplus Ltd, North Yorkshire


McCormick Tractors offer a wide range of powerful, innovative and economical machines, all offering superb value for money, whilst being durable, reliable and trusted by hundreds of farmers across the UK.

With models ranging from 49hp on the X2 Series right up to 310hp on their range topping X8 Series, whether your business is farming, contracting, in the amenity/municipal sector or you are just a smallholder, there’s a McCormick tractor that is perfectly suited for the job in hand.

The McCormick brand has throughout its entire history always stood for quality, innovative products with the emphasis on being a powerful workhorse that gets the job done in even the most demanding of conditions.

The McCormick Tractors range also benefits from having DATATAG fitted as standard meaning with each new McCormick tractor you can now enjoy lower insurance premiums and your machines are less likely to be stolen.

“All new McCormick tractors will be registered with CESAR, the construction and agricultural equipment theft deterrence and vehicle identification scheme, free of charge”.

For more detailed information on the McCormick range of innovative tractors go to the McCormick UK website or contact our sales team who will be glad to advise you on the most suitable model for the job in hand.

As McCormick approved dealers in North Yorkshire and surrounding areas, here at Agriplus Ltd, we have a wealth of experience to ensure you get the right tractor for your needs.

The current model range consists of:

X2 Series F/GE – Two models X2.055 and X2.060, 49HP and 57HP.

X3 Series F/GE – Two models X3.070 and X3.080, slightly bigger than the X2, 68HP and 75HP

X4F FLAT Series (F/GE/XL) – Five models, X4.080, X4.090, X4.100, X4.110 and X4,120 from 75HP to 112HP

X4F CAB Series (F/N/V/XL) – Five models, X4.080, X4.090, X4.100, X4.110 and X4.120 from 75HP to 112HP

X4T (Tracked Tractor) Series (TF/TM) – Five models X4.085, X4.095, X4.105, X4.110 and X4.120 from 75HP to 112HP

X4 Series – Three models X4.060, X4.070 and X4.080 from 61HP to 75HP

X5HC Series – Two models X5.100HC and X5.110HC from 85HP to 102HP

X5.085 Series – One model, 75HP non AdBlue

X5 Series – Three models X5.100, X5.110 and X5.120 from 95HP to 114HP

X6 Series – Two models, X6.125 and X6.135 from 119HP to 127HP

X6.4 HD Series – Three models X6.413, X6.414 and X6.415 from 125hp to 155hp complete with a New Cab

X7.4 SWB P6-DRIVE Series – Two models, X7.417 and X7.418 with a stressed engine from 155HP to 175HP

X7.4 SWB VT-DRIVE Series – One model X7.418 with a stressed engine, 175HP

X7.6 SWB P6-DRIVE Series – Two models, X7.617 and X7.618 with a stressed engine from 155HP to 175HP

X7.6 SWB P6-DRIVE Series – One model X7.618 with a stressed engine, 175HP

X7.6 P6-DRIVE Series – Three models, X7.620, X7.621 and X7.623 with an engine in a chassis from 180HP to 225HP

X7.6 VT-DRIVE Series – Three models, X7.621, X7.623 and X7.624 with an engine in a chassis from 200HP to 240HP

X8 Series (VT Drive) – Three models, X8.627, X8.629 and X8.631 from 265hp to 310hp


*F- Orchard

*N- Narrow Orchards

*GE- Low Orchard

*GB- Green Houses and Overhead Trellis Systems

*V- Vineyards

*XL- Wide Row Orchards and Open Field Operation

*TF- fitted with 310mm or 360mm semi lubricated tracks

*TM- fitted with 400mm or 450mm extra-large, lubricated tracks

*HC- Horticulture

*HD- Heavy Duty

*P6-DRIVE- Powershift

*VT-DRIVE- Variable Transmission


McCormick X8 Series Tractor for sale at Agriplus Ltd, North Yorkshire

The all new range topping McCormick X8 Series VT Drive tractor offering three models from 264hp to 310hp.



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