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We are pleased to announce our latest new sales franchise Kidd Farm Machinery.


Agriplus Limited are pleased to announce that we have taken on the Kidd Farm Machinery franchise covering North Yorkshire and surrounding Areas.

Kidd Farm Machinery have been manufacturing a wide range of farm machinery since the late 1960’s and included in the impressive range are:

Hedge Cutters:

Suitable for farmers and contractors, the range of Kidd Farm Machinery hedge cutters feature a maximum reach of 6 metres on standard machines and telescopic boom options of 6.4 metres and 7 metres. There is also a cable control or joystick with oil servo electric or all electric proportional control.


Bale Shredders:

With a choice of mounted and trailed models, the Kidd Farm Machinery range of bale shredders easily handles straw, haylage, clamp grass and maize silage and both round and square bales are distributed with an even flow of material. The large capacity 850 model has twin beaters and will hold 8.5cu mtrs silage, 4 round bales or 2 large square bales.


Bale Choppers:

The Kidd Farm Machinery range of Bale Choppers features an 814, 806 and 807 model for straw for bedding and mulching and gives variable chop length for different poultry beddings. There are discharge ports on both sides of the machine, with high or low discharge to either side of machine and a simple operation from inside the tractor, hydraulically driven adjustable rotating tub.


Float Wing:

The Kidd Farm Machinery Float Wing mulching mower is ideal for tillage field residues, open green space areas and animal field grass management. Standard features include overlapping blades, three-point linkage, with two, three, or four blade cutting options. It folds behind the tractor for transport 2.90M (9ft 4in) on all cutting widths which are 2.61mtr, 4.30mtr, 5.99mtr and 7.68mtr.



Inline with offset or fully offset, the range of Kidd Farm Machinery toppers have cut widths 1.53mtr, 1.80mtr, 2.41mtr, and 2.80mtr. Free swinging blades reduce shock loads on gearbox preventing expensive failures and a unique lower link flotation follows the ground closely and there are easily adjustable cutting heights from 60mm to 200mm.


Flail Mowers:

With cutting widths from 1.00mtr to 3.00mtr and manual or hydraulic side shift, the range of Kidd Farm Machinery flail mowers can be front or rear tractor mounted and have whale tail forged flails for exceptional performance. With a large diameter rear roller, you can have inline, left or right side working variants.


Post Drivers (Professional):

Ideal for mounting to loaders, diggers, large and small tractors, the Kidd Farm Machinery post driver for professionals have all-hydraulic slew, telescopic, mast rake and tilt angle. It drives posts into the ground from 30 degrees angle and has a standard 3.5mtr mast that drives down to 1.20mtr (4 foot). The tapered weight system knocks the post in faster and straighter.


Post Drivers (Farmers):

The Kidd Farm Machinery TWY 340 Post Driver range is ideal for farmers and folds neatly behind the tractor for transport. All models will swing round through 180° with fixed and swing round telescopic boom options. Other features include manual or hydraulic control or part manual or part hydrualic, adjustable mast 200KG taper weight, adjustable post calliper and hydraulic top link.

For more information on the Kidd Farm Machinery range, contact us or visit the Kidd Farm Machinery website.


Kidd Farm Machinery new sales franchise





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